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04:34 PM ndn-tools Feature #2670: wscript: build a subset of tools
this is not big difference as I can see. I prefer to stick on the commonly used way, enable-X, disable-X, which seems...


09:45 AM ndn-tools Feature #2670 (In Progress): wscript: build a subset of tools


10:26 AM NFD-android Task #2645: Design icon for NFD app
Hi guys, now we have following three icon candidates. please ref to the attached pictures.


12:30 PM ndns Bug #2590: NameServer/UpdateValidatorFetchCert incorrect usage of Signal
I wonder what the differences by compiling ndns/ndn-cxx in debug and release mode.
12:02 PM ndns Task #2187: remove RRs on name server when the DSK which signs those RRs are removed.
Also suggest to have a tool/option that list all RRs signed by a given cert.
11:32 AM ndns Task #2187: remove RRs on name server when the DSK which signs those RRs are removed.
I propose that this function should be optional whether to remove all related RRs when removing an ID-CERT RR.
In t...


03:13 PM ndns Task #2282 (Closed): update management section in ndns technique report
Since the main part of NDNS implementation is finished, now I am urgent to revise the report together with fixing bug...


08:26 AM ndns Task #2273: ndns-update should allow sending updates using a pre-created Data (=RR set) packet
“pre-created Data (=RR set) packet”,please give more detailed definition.
If you mean send Update which contains a p...


09:17 PM ndns Bug #2206 (Closed): NameServer's validator cannot fetch certificate when it gets Update message


05:22 PM ndn-cxx Bug #2212 (Closed): Validator throws exception when getting back a Data packet that is not a certificate
I find this problem when testing NDNS, where validator requests certificate from NDNS.
When validator receives bac...

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