Feature #4518

Wireshark dissector: don't interpret name components as elements denoted by TLV-TYPE

Added by Junxiao Shi over 2 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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NDN Packet Format v0.3 permits any TLV-TYPE within 1-65535 range to appear as name component, including those TLV-TYPE numbers that are already defined elsewhere. Wireshark dissector should not interpret a name component TLV-TYPE as its original meaning.
For example, the TLV-TYPE 0x05 normally means "Interest", but it should not decoded as an Interest when 0x05 appears as a name component, but should be interpreted as "name component type 0x05".


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I unclaimed this task because I am completely unfamiliar with Lua and this task requires significant re-engineering of the dissector due to the overlap between the TLV type ranges of name components types and general types.

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