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Minindn nodes have no their separated namespaces

Added by Jian Li over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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In mininet, there is a parameter --innamespace which is used to set an independent namespace for every switch. So that the environment variables set in different switches will not affect others. However, there is no parameter like this in minindn, If set one node the hostname as 'server', all of the nodes have the same hostname as 'server'.
In addition, the Minindn nodes have no their own home folder and environment variables. when we want to use the commonder like 'nfdc', we have to set the environment variables to the /tmp/minindn/.... firstly.


Updated by Ashlesh Gawande over 2 years ago

Can you elaborate more on both the points, not sure I fully understand. I can review pull request on Mini-NDN if you have fixes ready or you can share the fixes here to help elaborate the problem.


Updated by Jian Li over 2 years ago

Sorry, Maybe I should report this issue on Bug section, not this Task section. Both issues are about the miniNDN simulator
For the first issue, I think the miniNDN simulator has no parameter like the parameter '--innamespace' in the mininet simulator. The information about this parameter is described here: .
A separated namespace for each node is useful and necessary when we do some miniNDN experiments.

For the second issue, it is almost the same as Bug #3038 described. But it still exists. For example, when we start the minindn and turn on an Xterm node, we cannot use the commands like 'nfdc, nlsrc'. we have to set 'export HOME=/tmp/minindn/a' for every node, then we can use these commands.

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