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Use logging attributes (timestamp, severity)

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Currently, when we producing the log, we hard-code formatting of the log statement, including timestamp, severity level, and the actual message. Boost.Log provides facilities to separate different types of information into distinct "attributes" and then access these attributes during actual printing of the message using the so-called formatters.

One implication of this change would be the change in the appearance of the "timestamp" part in the log messages. Specifically, the current line

1562868667.788530 DEBUG: [ndn.UnixTransport] connect path=/private/tmp/nfd.sock

would look like

20190711T14:11:07.788530 DEBUG: [ndn.UnixTransport] connect path=/private/tmp/nfd.sock

We can adjust the specific formatting of the string, it just not going to be seconds since the epoch, but the actual datetime value. Out-of-box, we can easily to UTC date. To print local timezone stuff would require some extra work.

This issue is necessary to support native Android logging and should help to implement with issue #1604. In both cases, the timestamp will be added by the corresponding subsystems and attributes will be used to extract the severity level of the message.

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Updated by Alex Afanasyev over 1 year ago

Reversing my decision regarding the change of the timestamp. We, actually, have to use timestamp that is based on our time::system_clock (as it can be overridden with tests and NS-3). Therefore, we have to customize and if customize, the easy way is to keep the existing timestamp formatting. So, the patches I will be pushing soon will change the framework, but will not alter the visible output.


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