Feature #4977

ndncert-client: non-interactive mode

Added by Davide Pesavento about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Allow ndncert-client to be run non-interactively by providing all configuration choices and certificate parameters on the command line and/or in a configuration file.


Updated by Zhiyi Zhang about 2 years ago

One question is how to let the user type in PIN code after it runs the command-line tool?
I assume it still needs some interaction?


Updated by Davide Pesavento about 2 years ago

The issue description clearly says "configuration choices and certificate parameters", it says nothing about PIN entry or any other challenge. Moreover, you cannot have a general rule for challenges, since their interaction requirements are highly dependent on the specific challenge type. Some (but not all) challenges are inherently interactive. In any case, that's outside the scope of this issue.


Updated by Zhiyi Zhang about 2 years ago

Here is a design:

The user will be asked to

  1. read the client config, figuring out the ca-name he wants and required probe-info
  2. run the ndncert-client with parameters (i)ca-name, (ii)probe-info, (iii)expected validity (has default value) period time
  3. run another command-line tool ndncert-client-challenge when the PIN code or whatever things are obtained and fetch the certificate back.

A database/file directory will be used to keep the state of ongoing applications.

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