Measurement Status

Measurement Status is a module of NFD Management protocol.
It provides measurement table entries for a given name prefix.

Measurements for a prefix is published as a Status Dataset at: ndn:/localhost/nfd/measurements/query/

Control Parameters

ControlParameters fields:

Name (required)

Name is the prefix for which the measurement query is made.
A forwarder MAY impose a limit on the length of name prefix. The current limit in NFD is 32 name components.
If Name exceeds this limit, the command fails with code 414.
Code 400 is returned if the command is malformed.

Measurement Entry Dataset

Each measurement entry is represented by MeasurementEntry element:

  • Name is the prefix for which the query was made
  • StrategyInfo is the measurement info provided by the strategy responsible for the given name

Strategy returns a boost::property_tree when queried and managements formats that as JSON string for StrategyInfo.
Code 501 is returned if the strategy responsible for the prefix does not support measurement queries.

TLV-TYPE assignments

Type Assigned number Assigned number (hex)
MeasurementEntry 128 0x80
StrategyInfo 129 0x81

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