NFD Management protocol

NFD Management protocol allows users, tools, and control plane programs to retrieve, monitor, and alter NFD forwarder state.

Basic mechanisms

NFD Management protocol uses Interest-Data exchange.

Status Dataset defines how status information about a collection of entities is encoded, segmented, and published as Data packets.
This mechanism, as well as simple Interest-Data exchange, is useful for retrieving forwarder state.

Notification Stream is a way to get updates about events happening in the forwarder.
This mechanism is useful for monitoring forwarder state.

Control Command defines the request and response format of commands that can alter forwarder state, and how these commands should be signed and authenticated.
This mechanism is useful for altering forwarder state.


Forwarder Status publishes version information and global counters of the forwarder.

Face Management provides:

  • commands to create and destroy faces
  • a dataset of faces and their counters
  • a dataset of channels
  • a notification stream for face creating and destroying events

FIB Management provides:

  • commands to insert, update, and delete FIB entries and nexthop records
  • a dataset of FIB entries and nexthop records

Content Store Management provides:

  • commands to update CS config
  • commands to delete certain CS entries
  • a dataset of CS config and runtime performance
  • a dataset of CS entries

Strategy Choice Management provides:

  • commands to choose the forwarding strategy for a namespace
  • a dataset of strategy choices

Measurement Status [experimental, not implemented] publishes measurement information from forwarding strategies.

RIB Management provides:

  • commands to register and unregister routes
  • a dataset of routes

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