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Lan Wang, 04/04/2014 01:11 PM

Named-data Link State Routing(NLSR)

Named-data Link State Routing (NLSR) is routing for NDN under development.

NLSR's development is going on top of

UML of NLSR is available

  • class diagram
  • use case diagram

NLSR's design

Conceptually NLSR is divided into four modules

  1. Core
  2. Communication
  3. Routing
  4. Security

1. Core Module

  • Read and parse configuration file
  • Stores all configurable parameter values
  • Stores Adjacent in Adjacency list
  • Stores advertising names in name prefix list
  • Stores Link State Advertisement (LSA) in Link State Database (LSDB)

2. Communication Module

  • Handles synchronization logic of NLSR's LSDB updates
  • Publish LSDB updates in router name
  • Upon update notification send interest for LSAs
  • Publish certificates updates
  • Send interest to fetch certificates
  • Processes all inbound/outbound interest/data of NLSR

3. Routing Module

  • Calculate routing table ( depending configuration use link - state routing calculator or Hyperbolic routing calculator)
  • Stores routing table
  • Creates and store Name prefix table ( Name prefix table entry is Name Prefix with nexthops list to reach that name)

4. Security Module ( This module will no longer be available later when NLSR will use NFD's rule based validator)

  • Fetch, validate and stores certificate in Certificate Store
  • If some certificate is fetched but waiting to be validated is recorded in waiting list
  • After validation it is added in the certificate store otherwise discarded
  • Validate each piece of data received by NLSR
  • Sign data using router process keys before sending out

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