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Lan Wang, 04/04/2014 01:14 PM

Named-data Link State Routing(NLSR)

Named-data Link State Routing (NLSR) is routing for NDN under development.

NLSR's development is going on top of

NLSR design documents

NLSR's design

Conceptually NLSR is divided into four modules

  1. Core
  2. Communication
  3. Routing
  4. Security

1. Core Module

  • Read and parse configuration file
  • Stores all configurable parameter values
  • Stores Adjacent in Adjacency list
  • Stores advertising names in name prefix list
  • Stores Link State Advertisement (LSA) in Link State Database (LSDB)

2. Communication Module

  • Handles synchronization logic of NLSR's LSDB updates
  • Publish LSDB updates in router name
  • Upon update notification send interest for LSAs
  • Publish certificates updates
  • Send interest to fetch certificates
  • Processes all inbound/outbound interest/data of NLSR

3. Routing Module

  • Calculate routing table ( depending configuration use link - state routing calculator or Hyperbolic routing calculator)
  • Stores routing table
  • Creates and store Name prefix table ( Name prefix table entry is Name Prefix with nexthops list to reach that name)

4. Security Module ( This module will no longer be available later when NLSR will use NFD's rule based validator)

  • Fetch, validate and stores certificate in Certificate Store
  • If some certificate is fetched but waiting to be validated is recorded in waiting list
  • After validation it is added in the certificate store otherwise discarded
  • Validate each piece of data received by NLSR
  • Sign data using router process keys before sending out

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