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NDN in the browser Manager, Developer, Reporter 10/10/2014
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09:45 PM NDN-CCL Feature #4988: Encode Interests to PacketFormat03
We do not intend to abandon either library, but have no funding to do work on them, either, after the end of the CRI ... Jeff Burke


02:20 PM NDN-CCL Feature #4988: Encode Interests to PacketFormat03
REMAP has no current support to update the CCL and CNL libraries - so right now it's not clear that this can happen i... Jeff Burke


03:20 AM NDN Specifications Task #4396: Provide canonical example for latest data retrieval without selectors in real-time applications
Yes, this may be more appropriate for ndn-cpp (except for the blocks on selector deprecation). But generally we have... Jeff Burke
03:16 AM NFD Bug #2492: Packet processing delays in NFD
I don't understand how non-response means the issue is resolved. We are still seeing packet processing delays in NDN... Jeff Burke


01:14 PM NFD Feature #4398 (New): Provide support for next-hop priority
To support NDN-RTC in differentiating between priority for audio and video, provide next-hop priority (DiffServ-esque... Jeff Burke
11:59 AM NDN-CCL Task #4397 (Closed): Design developer API for typed name components
Placeholder for typed name component support. Jeff Burke
11:54 AM NDN Specifications Task #4396 (Closed): Provide canonical example for latest data retrieval without selectors in real-time applications
With the pending deprecation of selectors, please provide an example in ndn-cxx for achieving efficient retrieval of ... Jeff Burke
11:36 AM NFD Task #4395 (Duplicate): Provide NFD Roadmap(s)
Provide roadmap(s) for NFD development and related tools/ports, to aid application developer planning and support dia... Jeff Burke


09:27 PM NDN-CCL Bug #4160 (Rejected): the default time uint is millisecond while ndn-cxx uses nanosecond
This is not a bug, it is an API design decision. The API calls perform as documented and encode/decode the correct co... Jeff Burke


04:16 PM NFD Feature #3813 (Duplicate): Forwarding strategy for using multiple interfaces in generic deployments
Deployers of NDN applications at the edge do not currently have a default or generic forwarding strategy to use that ... Jeff Burke

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