Damian Coomes

  • Registered on: 02/09/2017



  • ndn-cxx (Developer, 06/09/2017)
  • NLSR (Developer, Reporter, 02/09/2017)
  • mini-ndn (Developer, 09/27/2017)
  • npchat (Developer, 09/25/2018)



04:54 PM npchat Task #4753 (Closed): Add Named Based Access Control
We are able to specify which friends we want to send a photo to, but we have no way of preventing others from retriev...
04:38 PM npchat Task #4752 (Closed): Use to C++ PSync via JNI library
04:37 PM npchat Task #4751 (Closed): GPS Location Feed
The user should be able to view a local feed consisting of content produced by users in the same area. The user can a...
04:24 PM npchat Task #4750 (Closed): Encryption/Decryption of Data
The app only signs data to be verified by the receiver, but the actual content is not encrypted.
02:48 PM npchat Task #4749 (Closed): Make Friends Remotely
Currently, friends can only be made by scanning QR codes. The user should be able to search for friends and add them ...
02:43 PM npchat Task #4748 (Closed): Share Friends List
We are aiming for a decentralized application, but we must find a way to make usernames unique. Without being able to...
02:27 PM npchat Task #4747 (Closed): Investigate App Crash on Nexus 5x
npChat will sometimes crash on the Nexus 5x (Android 8.1 Oreo) whenever it needs to use NFD. NFD also stops working a...
02:24 PM npchat Task #4746 (Closed): Block User
A user can unfollow someone they are friends with, but we currently cannot prevent someone who is following you from ...


08:27 AM mini-ndn Task #4435 (Closed): Correctly set log level and log re-direct after NLSR switches to ndn-cxx logger
08:26 AM NLSR Feature #3949 (Closed): Use ndn-cxx logging facility

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