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mini-ndn Developer 09/27/2017
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NLSR Developer, Reporter 02/09/2017
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04:54 PM npchat Task #4753 (Closed): Add Named Based Access Control
We are able to specify which friends we want to send a photo to, but we have no way of preventing others from retriev... Damian Coomes
04:38 PM npchat Task #4752 (Closed): Use to C++ PSync via JNI library
Damian Coomes
04:37 PM npchat Task #4751 (Closed): GPS Location Feed
The user should be able to view a local feed consisting of content produced by users in the same area. The user can a... Damian Coomes
04:24 PM npchat Task #4750 (Closed): Encryption/Decryption of Data
The app only signs data to be verified by the receiver, but the actual content is not encrypted. Damian Coomes
02:48 PM npchat Task #4749 (Closed): Make Friends Remotely
Currently, friends can only be made by scanning QR codes. The user should be able to search for friends and add them ... Damian Coomes
02:43 PM npchat Task #4748 (Closed): Share Friends List
We are aiming for a decentralized application, but we must find a way to make usernames unique. Without being able to... Damian Coomes
02:27 PM npchat Task #4747 (Closed): Investigate App Crash on Nexus 5x
npChat will sometimes crash on the Nexus 5x (Android 8.1 Oreo) whenever it needs to use NFD. NFD also stops working a... Damian Coomes
02:24 PM npchat Task #4746 (Closed): Block User
A user can unfollow someone they are friends with, but we currently cannot prevent someone who is following you from ... Damian Coomes


08:27 AM mini-ndn Task #4435 (Closed): Correctly set log level and log re-direct after NLSR switches to ndn-cxx logger
Damian Coomes
08:26 AM NLSR Feature #3949 (Closed): Use ndn-cxx logging facility
Damian Coomes

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