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02:15 PM Feature #2326 (In Progress): Monitor remaining disk space
This is already monitored at an infrastructure level - the issue was not the partitioned space on the drive, but the ... Alexander Horn


08:49 AM Feature #1042 (Abandoned): NDN-WS Proxy for Apps
Alexander Horn


06:22 PM Feature #1042: NDN-WS Proxy for Apps
well THAT was fun. as it's not part of normal distribution yet. i had to check out apache from source, apply a patch,... Alexander Horn


11:02 AM Feature #1042: NDN-WS Proxy for Apps
jeff B suggested this.
yet, does this negate need...
Alexander Horn
10:47 AM Feature #1042: NDN-WS Proxy for Apps
how best to use port 80 for both HTTP and Websocket ?
not sure, first pass:
Alexander Horn
10:41 AM Feature #1042 (Abandoned): NDN-WS Proxy for Apps
"I think we need to get into redmine setting up a port 80 proxy on's apache for the NDN-JS communicati... Alexander Horn

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