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Monitor remaining disk space

Added by Junxiao Shi over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Write a crontab job to monitor remaining disk space, and send email alerts to operator when remaining disk space is less than 30%.


Updated by Alexander Horn over 6 years ago

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This is already monitored at an infrastructure level - the issue was not the partitioned space on the drive, but the (lack of) space in the LUN / Allocated server space. The incremental backup snapshots took up everything - typically 100 MB is available, but the latest snapshots exhausted that to less than 15 MB.

So in this case, the problem was not user-space, it's infrastructure. And while I was notified, it is not something I have direct control over to fix - had to defer to UCLA IT.

As for VM / user-space, sure - we can monitor - I already have an alert in the VM control panel at 90 percent. Meanwhile, the first order is to increase the partitioned space so we have plenty more headroom.

Note UCLA IT did indeed handle this (themselves) - just after 4 hours of downtime. There are a few ways to prevent any in future, we are discussing.


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