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06:26 PM repo-ng Bug #2321: Cannot ndnputfile with default configuration
Could you describe what is shown on the repo side?
In fact, I run the code again and find it can work correctly. ...
Weiqi Shi


11:09 AM repo-ng Task #1809: RepoSync
In current summit, repo sync will start when repo is set up. In next commit, a sync handle command should be invited ... Weiqi Shi


12:29 PM repo-ng Task #1789 (Resolved): Visualize contents of the repo
Weiqi Shi
12:29 PM repo-ng Task #1858: Client library to handle repo-ng
After reconsideration, this issue seems meaningless since the efforts to implement these function are equal or even l... Weiqi Shi
12:25 PM repo-ng Bug #1896 (Resolved): Multiple errors with ndnputfile
This bug is same with #1887 and has been solved Weiqi Shi
12:23 PM repo-ng Task #1897 (Resolved): Expand basic documentation and installation instructions for repo-ng
Weiqi Shi


06:59 PM repo-ng Task #1810 (Resolved): ERROR: command response timeout from "ndnputfile"
Weiqi Shi
06:51 PM repo-ng Task #1887 (Resolved): The problem of ndnputfile and ndngetfile
The tools have been updated. Weiqi Shi
06:46 PM repo-ng Task #1867 (Resolved): Initiation read entries from database
This issue has been solved. Weiqi Shi


01:51 PM repo-ng Task #1887: The problem of ndnputfile and ndngetfile
More detail could be found here Weiqi Shi

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