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New home for ndnSIM-related repositories

Added by Alex Afanasyev about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Official repositories for all ndnSIM-related code is now moved under umbrella of named-data-ndnSIM organization on GitHub.

This change needs to get reflected in the documentation and CI scripts.


Updated by Junxiao Shi about 6 years ago

How about renaming the organization to just 'ndnSIM', if it's not taken?


Updated by Alex Afanasyev about 6 years ago

I would like to keep strong association with named-data organization.


Updated by Christian Kreuzberger about 6 years ago

I assume this means that all developers/users have to adapt their repositories and dependencies to the new links?

Also, with these new names in place, will there be a system that tells me which versions of ndn-cxx/NFD/ndnSIM are compatible (e.g., if ndn-cxx gets updated).
Or can I assume that IF it is under this new repository name, it will always be consistent and compatible?


Updated by Alex Afanasyev about 6 years ago

I will keep mirrors of repositories in old locations.

The new locations are specifically made for submodule integration of ndn-cxx and NFD into ndnSIM. So, this would significantly simplify issue with version compatibility, as there will be no moving parts unless there is an explicit update of ndnSIM.

I will try to keep documentation of what is the current base version of NFD/ndn-cxx as part of commit log and will create a changelog for that.


Updated by Alex Afanasyev about 6 years ago

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