Feature #4303

Optionally write prefixes to configuration file that were advertised in NLSR

Added by Ashlesh Gawande over 1 year ago. Updated 7 days ago.

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Suggested in ICN. So if NLSR does down and recover then it can load all the prefixes that are supposed to be advertised.


#1 Updated by Ashlesh Gawande 12 months ago

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  • Target version set to v0.5.0

#2 Updated by Ashlesh Gawande 12 months ago

This should be a command line option to nlsrc advertise/withdraw as to whether to save/remove from nlsr.conf advertising section.

#3 Updated by Saurab Dulal 12 months ago

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#4 Updated by Saurab Dulal 11 months ago

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#5 Updated by Saurab Dulal 11 months ago

Some limitations with this patch.
1. It removes all the comments from the conf file. It's because I am using BOOST to read and write to the conf file, BOOST removes the comments in that process.
2. Once a prefix is advertised without a save command, it cannot be saved later.
3. Once a prefix is withdrawn without a delete command, it will not be deleted from the conf file.

Above limitations has been resolved.


few StatusCodes are introduced in NLSR.

406: Prefix is already saved or deleted from the configuration file.

205: Saving or deleting a prefix from the configuration file. This also includes saving or deleting an already advertised or withdrawn prefix from the configuration file.

StatusCode loosely follows the HTTP semantics described in RFC2616 section 10 (RFC2616)

#6 Updated by Ashlesh Gawande 7 days ago

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