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Redesign Signed Interest and Command Interest to use Parameters

Added by Junxiao Shi 11 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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SignedInterest places a signature as part of the Interest name. Its extension CommandInterest adds protection against replay attacks by adding more name components.
Packet Format v0.3 introduces a Parameters element as part of the Interest. This issue is to design a new protocol that places signature and replay-protection fields into Parameters, so that the response Data does not need to send them back in the name.

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On 20181202 call, I pointed out a significant problem with 4942,22:
The ParametersSha256DigestComponent is being used for two purposes: (1) identify Parameters (and possibly SignatureInfo) as basis of signing; (2) ensure every Interest has a different name during forwarding.
As a result, a malicious consumer could modify the SignatureValue and confuse PIT aggregation, triggering a denial-of-service attack that is impossible to detect from the network without having a universal trust schema.

My proposal to fix this problem is:

  1. For signing purpose, a digest over Parameters (if present) and SignatureInfo is appended temporarily to the name. This name is used for signing.
  2. After signing, a digest over Parameters (if present), SignatureInfo, and SignatureValue is put into the name and transmitted.

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  • Blocked by Feature #4831: Redefine ParametersSha256DigestComponent covered area added

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