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Install implementation detail headers

Added by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago. Updated 22 days ago.

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So far the headers in detail directory are not installed to the target system.
Some headers, such as common.hpp, are implementation detail but their headers should be installed so that other headers can include them.

This task is to introduce a directory for installed implementation detail headers:

  • impl directory (renamed from detail) contains implementation detail with non-installed headers.
  • detail directory contains implementation detail with installed headers.

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Blocks ndn-cxx - Feature #3919: Scoped prefix registrationClosed

Blocked by ndn-cxx - Task #3084: Rename "src" folder to "ndn-cxx"Closed


#1 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

#2 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

  • Blocked by Task #3084: Rename "src" folder to "ndn-cxx" added

#3 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

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#4 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

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#5 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

Question was raised in about whether common-pch.hpp should be installed.
I don't understand how common-pch.hpp works. Can someone explain?

#6 Updated by Alex Afanasyev about 1 month ago

pch = precompiled header. None of the precompiled headers should be installed, as they are only used to "speed up" compilation and only within the build system itself, they are not (and should not) be explicitly included anywhere.

#7 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

It has been suggested that there are more headers that can go into 'detail' now that it's installed:

  • net/asio-fwd.hpp: yes
  • util/cf-releaser-osx.hpp: yes
  • util/cf-string-osx.hpp: yes
  • util/sqlite3-statement.hpp: no, used by repo-ng
  • packet-base.hpp: yes

I'll move the "yes" ones in another commit, as moving common.hpp is already complex enough.

#8 Updated by Davide Pesavento about 1 month ago

Probably you can add transport/stream-transport{,-with-resolver}-impl.hpp to the list.
I'm not sure about tag-host.hpp

#9 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago PacketBase and TagHost
I don't see TagHost being used elsewhere so I moved it. I'll confirm with ndn-cxx-breaks. asio-fwd
I'm moving it to ndn-cxx/detail/ rather than ndn-cxx/net/detail/ because it's being used by more than ndn-cxx/net/*. StreamTransportImpl
This should be safe. CFReleaser and cfstring
I can't test it because I no longer have account on monaco.

#10 Updated by Junxiao Shi about 1 month ago

ndn-cxx-breaks logs before and after.
ndns is broken by these changed, and it's fixed in .
repo-ng has problems in unit testing, which is unrelated.
NLSR gained a new dependency and is not working in ndn-cxx-breaks at the moment.

#11 Updated by Davide Pesavento 22 days ago

  • Status changed from Code review to Closed

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