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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
5163 ndn-cxx Task In Progress Normal Deprecate and remove obsolete ndnsec command aliases Davide Pesavento 05/27/2021 06:07 PM Actions
5162 mini-ndn Task Code review Normal Allow running Mini-NDN without an initial topology Alexander Lane 05/14/2021 12:42 PM Actions
5160 mini-ndn Bug In Progress Normal Can't run NDN applications on mixed topologies Alexander Lane 05/14/2021 12:38 PM Actions
5161 mini-ndn Task New High Migrate to Python 3 05/14/2021 11:07 AM Actions
5159 PSync Task New Normal PartialSync: replace hello Interest/data with sync Interest/data using a special bloom filter/prefix 04/20/2021 08:54 PM Actions
5152 NLSR Task New Normal Problem of assigning link-cost to "zero" for neighbors in Hyperbolic Routing (HR) 04/14/2021 06:33 PM Actions
5158 NFD Bug New Normal TCP RST ⇒ Transport endpoint is not connected 04/14/2021 01:26 PM Actions
1604 ndn-cxx Feature New Low syslog & journald log destinations 04/09/2021 09:11 AM logging Actions
5156 ndn-tools Bug New Normal ndncatchunks: m_nInFlight > 0 assertion failed when transferring large file 04/06/2021 06:00 PM Actions
4871 NFD Feature Code review Normal autoconfig: try multiple routers from NDN-FCH Teng Liang 04/03/2021 01:20 AM Actions
3521 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Netdev-bound faces 04/03/2021 01:17 AM Actions
4731 NFD Task Feedback Low RIB: deduplicate RibManager::FaceIdSet and Rib::FaceLookupTable 04/03/2021 01:14 AM code-cleanup Actions
4924 NFD Feature Code review Normal Expose RetxSuppressionExponential settings in strategy parameters Ashlesh Gawande 03/26/2021 12:20 PM Actions
4762 NFD Feature New Normal Add a new UnsolicitedDataPolicy that admits unsolicited data by prefix 03/26/2021 11:32 AM Actions
5148 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal ValidatorConfig: multiple sig-type restrictions in a single checker 03/26/2021 09:45 AM security, ValidatorConfig Actions
5135 NFD Feature New Normal Support for Apple Silicon 03/18/2021 03:17 PM macOS Actions
4845 NLSR Task New Normal Separate nlsr.conf file for test in home directory Saurab Dulal 03/17/2021 02:02 PM Actions
5151 NLSR Bug New High TestAdvertiseWithdrawPrefix fails with ptree_bad_path exception 03/17/2021 02:01 PM Actions
4781 NFD Feature New Low Add Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC) algorithm 03/15/2021 07:51 PM Actions
4717 NFD Task New Normal Clarify FacePersistency semantics Davide Pesavento 03/14/2021 10:14 PM Actions
5150 NAC Task New Normal The feature access revocation is missing 03/09/2021 10:01 AM Actions
5149 NFD Bug New Normal Error 10060 when fetching RIB dataset: Timeout exceeded 02/26/2021 03:25 AM Actions
4880 ndn-cxx Task New Normal Add randomness to exponential retry on Nack in CertificateFetcherFromNetwork 02/12/2021 10:57 AM Actions
4127 NLSR Task In Progress Normal Rebuild the LSDB Ashlesh Gawande 01/31/2021 09:34 AM Actions
5143 PSync Task New Normal FullSync: Append "full-sync" to sync prefix to distinguish from partial sync (/hello and /sync) 01/31/2021 09:20 AM Actions
2540 ChronoSync Task New Normal Re-license code to LGPL 3+ Yingdi Yu 01/18/2021 02:11 AM Actions
2293 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Controller: stop-and-wait 01/15/2021 03:52 PM Actions
1966 NFD Bug New Normal Interest unsatisfied due to Interest aggregation combined with duplicate Nonce suppression 01/08/2021 10:37 AM Actions
4981 PSync Feature New Normal Add removeSubscribtion function in Consumer 12/31/2020 07:54 PM Actions
4864 PSync Feature New Normal Consumer send hello and sync interest automatically 12/31/2020 07:54 PM Actions
4863 PSync Feature New Normal Modify Consumer to support syncing with multiple producers 12/31/2020 07:54 PM Actions
4847 PSync Feature New Normal Call addUserNode if prefix not present in publishName 12/31/2020 07:53 PM Actions
4778 PSync Feature New Normal Use default prefix when publishing 12/31/2020 07:53 PM Actions
4677 PSync Feature New Normal Add simpler way for consumer to subscribe to full data set. 12/31/2020 07:53 PM Actions
5089 PSync Task Code review Normal FullSync: add support for piggybacking app data Tianxing Ma 12/31/2020 07:53 PM Actions
5073 PSync Task New Normal If there is a jump in the sequence number, don't remove the old sequence from the IBF Ashlesh Gawande 12/31/2020 07:53 PM Actions
5072 PSync Task New Normal Handle empty IBF Ashlesh Gawande 12/31/2020 07:53 PM Actions
5069 PSync Task New Normal Replace constructor arguments with an Options object Ashlesh Gawande 12/31/2020 07:52 PM Actions
5068 PSync Task New Normal Compress IBF and Hello/Sync Data in Partial sync by default 12/31/2020 07:52 PM Actions
5067 PSync Task Code review Normal Do not serve discovery hello/sync Interest from publisher cache Ashlesh Gawande 12/31/2020 07:51 PM Actions
5066 PSync Task In Progress Normal Do not append hash of IBF to data name in FullSync Ashlesh Gawande 12/31/2020 07:51 PM Actions
4867 PSync Task New Normal FullSync: Investigate sending positive set difference during recovery instead of entire dataset 12/31/2020 07:51 PM Actions
4772 PSync Task New Normal Update our IBF when we detect future hash and renew sync interest 12/31/2020 07:50 PM Actions
4177 NLSR Bug Feedback Normal Readvertise causes withdrawal of site prefix Nicholas Gordon 12/31/2020 10:22 AM Actions
4971 NLSR Bug New Normal Handle uncaught throw statements in NLSR tlv code Saurab Dulal 12/30/2020 10:06 AM Actions
5070 NLSR Feature New Normal Optionally compress the NLSR dataset 12/29/2020 07:04 PM Actions
4921 NLSR Feature New Normal Change LSA prefix to /localhop/⟨network⟩/⟨site⟩/⟨router⟩/NLSR/LSA/⟨lsa-type⟩/ 12/29/2020 07:04 PM Actions
4868 NLSR Feature New Normal Insert the keys and LSA into a local repo so other router's can retrieve independent of cache or nlsr 12/29/2020 07:04 PM Actions
4791 NLSR Feature New Normal Use SegmentPublisher utility from ndn-cxx to publish LSA data 12/29/2020 07:04 PM Actions
4544 NLSR Feature Code review Normal Add an option to nlsrc to query status from remote routers Tianxing Ma 12/29/2020 07:04 PM Actions
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